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"Don't be after these motorcars, television, and all nonsense things, sporting, wine, women. Don't be after these. Simply eat sufficiently, keep your health nicely, chant Hare Krishna, realize Krishna, and go back to home. This is our philosophy."
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HH Bhanu Maharaj

Bhanu Maharaj

Sri Nityananda Trayodasi

ISKCON Adelaide celebrated Nityananda Trayodasi, which is the appearance day of Lord Nityananda Prabhu, in a joyous mood on Sunday the 1st of February, 2015. The celebration was well attended by a large group of devotees and well-wishers. The guests-of honour were HG Aniruddha dasa, ISKCON Melbourne President and his wife HG Acintya Rupa devi dasi. As usual the programme started with the singing of bhajans followed by abhishek or bathing ceremony of both Nityananda Prabhu and Caitanya Mahaprabhu. A spiritual discourse on Nityanada lila was well presented by HG Aniruddha dasa after which the arati ceremony was held to the accompaniment of resounding kirtans. The programme finally ended with the distribution sumptuous krsna prasadam to all the attendees.

His Grace Aniruddha Dasa

Aniruddha Das

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